Research & Development

As the world’s first and only, provider of independent and decentralised software integrity and cyber-defense services for all the blockchain nodes and devices that make up the Internet network, irrespective of their underlying hardware and software architecture, Multiven research is exploring:

Holistic improvements to Internet infrastructure’s availability, reliability and security by enhancing the Multiven Artificial Intelligence engine - mySolvr - with machine learning algorithms that will one day in the near future, predictively self-heal the Internet, without human-intervention.

Decentralising Bitcoin and other public cryptocurrency network nodes into space by building, launching, monitoring and maintaining a spatial ‘onion-ring’ network of open-source full Nodes-in-Orbit (NiO), weighing less than 10Kg each, powered with Delay Tolerant Networking protocols (RFC 4838), in low Earth orbit of below 1000km above sea level, orbiting the Earth once every 100 minutes. NiOs will be built with commodity-off-the-shelf COTS x86 hardware architecture and NiO-OS, an open-source linux-based operating system that will integrate DTN technologies with Bitcoin Core.